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ERP/CRM systems

Automation of enterprises (warehouse accounting, process accounting, sales accounting, e-commerce, custom integration with hardware, BI, AI integration, etc).


Creation of banking, trading applications. Cryptocurrency wallets (analytical tools, End-to-End Services, integration of various payment systems, etc).

Services & Expertise
Custom software Game development


Development metaverses with integrated game economies and digital currencies, providing outsourcing services that deliver immersive and financially interactive virtual worlds.


In the realm of Role-Playing Games (RPG), we weave rich narratives with complex character development, allowing players to embark on epic journeys through meticulously crafted universes, enhanced by deep lore and immersive gameplay.

Strategy and simulation

For strategy and simulation games, we craft intricate game mechanics and deep, dynamic worlds, focusing on resource management, strategic planning, and real-world simulation to challenge and engage players.

Slots and Match-3

We excel in developing constructors for slot games and match-3 puzzles as part of our outsourcing services, enabling tailored, high-quality gaming experiences crafted to meet specific client requirements.

Educational games

Our expertise extends to the creation of educational games, focusing on interactive learning experiences enhanced with adaptive storytelling and dynamic content, aimed at making learning engaging and effective.


We offer comprehensive VR game development, from realistic 3D environments to advanced motion tracking and performance optimization, ensuring unparalleled immersion and gameplay across all leading platforms.

Partners & Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Design and development of artificial intelligence solutions in medical gaming and other fields.


Design and implementation of blockchain technologies in various spheres of life. From writing smart contracts to developing unique blockchain solutions. Smart Contracts. Technical Audit.

Services & Expertise
Custom Robotics Development Services


We integrate robots and drones with AI to improve their functionality and efficiency for various tasks.


We integrate IoT with ERP systems to connect and automate devices, enhancing operational efficiency and enabling smart environment management.


We develop precise, efficient, and adaptable robotic arms, enhancing automation and productivity in various industries with tailored solutions.

Passive Radar Algorithms

We work on creating algorithms for passive radars, focusing on the development of sophisticated detection and tracking systems without emitting signals, improving surveillance and monitoring capabilities while maintaining a low profile.


Developing small groups of swarm drones, focusing on creating collaborative behaviors and algorithms that allow for coordinated, autonomous operations in various applications, enhancing efficiency and scalability in tasks such as surveillance, mapping, and environmental monitoring.

VIO Navigation

developing VIO navigation technology, enabling precise and autonomous navigation for robots and drones in GPS-denied environments, thus significantly enhancing their operational capabilities and versatility for applications like exploration, surveillance, and mapping.

Stages of Your Project's Development

Technical Specification
Investigation and estimation
Product of Concept
Manufacturing of Products

Some questions

Head product and technical experts are located in Belgium.

Technical specialists work remotely, which in our case allows us to optimize project costs as much as possible and achieve great flexibility.

Since we are a relatively young company, we do not have bureaucracy or overcomplication of simple things. We also offer work on the front end, starting from the beginning(POC) and ending with the final stages. You only pay for completed work.

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